About Us

Sound Therapy is independently owned and operated by Susan Schlacht, Clinical Audiologist. With 30 years professional clinical experience, Sue is pleased to provide services to Huron county and surrounding areas.

Susan Schlacht

Owner, Audiologist

Maegan Greidanus

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Joscelin Andrews

Communicative Disorders Assistant

Lorraine Shelton

Client Care Coordinator

owned and operated

30 Years of
Professional Clinical Experience

Three Clinics to Serve You

A Green Company

Sound Therapy is an environmentally conscious company. We gladly accept previously used hearing aids. Essential components are removed and used to remake new hearing aids for people in Third World countries. We are also pleased to offer MERCURY FREE batteries and a battery disposal service at no charge. By working together, we are helping to make our world a cleaner, greener place for generations after us to enjoy!